General Inquiries

Please submit all inquiries (e.g., business correspondence, research, sponsorship/donation requests, international, etc.), in writing* to our United Kingdom Office Address.

Converse Europe
Attn: (please identify which department your enquiry should be directed to)
Charlotte Building
17 Gresse Street
London, W1T 1QL
United Kingdom

Email for Wholesale Dealers or Retail Store Product Questions:

0800 032 0904 (Retail Store Product Questions)
0800 206 1116 ( “Design Your Own” Questions)
0800 032 0950 (Wholesale Dealer Line)

*Due to the large volumes of general correspondence received by Converse, a response cannot be guaranteed.
Note: Converse does not accept unsolicited idea submissions. Any information or documents you send to Converse will be deleted or destroyed. We do appreciate your interest in Converse, and wish you much success.

“Design Your Own” Order or Product Questions

If you need information about your order please contact us at:

Call: 0800 206 1116. Phones are open 7 days a week 24 hours a day.